Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is concerned with the research, design, construction, inspection and maintenance of structures, as well as structural systems and their components. It also considers the technical, economic, environmental, aesthetic and social aspects of structures.

Condon Engineers carry out many of these investigations providing design solution to the particular problems of the area, such as:

Concrete Footings

Residential, commercial, Industrial

Concrete Slabs on Ground

Raft Slab, Waffle Pod Slab, Infill Slab, Industrial floors, Driveways and Pavements.

Suspended Concrete Floors

Insitu slab, metal ribbed flooring systems, pre cast flooring systems, composite steel and concrete.

Timber Framing and Bracing

Non- standard roofing, wind bracing, tie-downs and timber member sizing.

Steel Frame Structures

Portal frames, columns and beam trusses, walls and roofing.

Site Classification

Site Investigation, Soil Sampling, NATA soil testing and reporting.

Effluent Disposal

Site Investigation, Soil Analysis, Disposal Methods, Assessment Reports.

Foundation Investigation

Site Investigation, Test Pits and lodging, subsurface analysis, documentation and reports.

Retaining Wall Structures

Reinforced Blockwork, Reinforced concrete, Brickwork, Timber and segmented stone/block.

Design Wing Classification

Site analysis and windload certification

Investigations and Assessments

Existing Structures, alteration, additions and structural reports.